Add accessories to enjoy the full POGS experience.

Audio, charging and music sharing cables

Add POGS-Safe audio-cables, charging cables, or music sharing cables to your POGS headphones.

Most POGS headphones come without cables to reduce the number of unwanted cables. This also lowers price of the headphones and ensures you only buy what you want.

Exception: The Elephant comes with audio cable included.

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Perfect-fit travel pouches

Protect and carry your POGS around safely wherever you go with a POGS perfect-fit travel pouch. Choose from 2 different styles, both made from 100% Fairtrade organic cotton with protective padding and reinforced edges.

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Personalize with Doodas

Personalise, customise, create, style… just do your thing! Make your POGS unique by styling them your way with Doodas.

Three different sets are available and each set includes 6 white Doodas which you can colour in. They are easily attached and changed using the friendly Frogbites that are included with each set of Doodas.

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