Exploring nature and content enhances our development. Doing this together with others helps us develop further. With more time spent behind electronic devices, we risk isolation. With POGS headphones you can explore content together, Doodas let you can get creative together, and by looking outward you can explore nature's beauty.

Explore music and content together

Have fun & explore content together by connecting your POGS headphones with another POGS, as can be seen in this guide.

Wireless music sharing is possible between two The Turtle headphones, and between two The Gecko 2's. Use the POGLink cable to share music between two The Elephant headphones.

And a combination of the POGS-Splitter and audio cables allows you to connect any POGS headphones together. Connect as many POGS as you like!

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Get creative with Doodas

Personalize, customize, create, style… just do your thing! Have even more fun with your POGS by making them really unique and style them your way with Doodas. Three different sets are available: Land, Ocean and Sky – up to you to have imagination to stay grounded, drift afloat or take to the skies.

Each set has 6 white Doodas which you can color in and draw on the way you want. They are easily attached and changed using the friendly Frogbites that are included with each set of Doodas. Make your POGS look the way you want and change your look whenever you feel like it.

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Connect with nature

POGS likes to trigger interest in nature because connecting with nature is important for us all, we’re part of it. We haved named our products after animals, and our headphones are textured like the skin of the animals they're named after.

Try sitting outside, somewhere safe, and listen to a podcast about the nature around you. There is so much more around you than you see on a daily basis!

POGS love for nature